This mare holds the secret to psoriasis relief

Are you suffering from psoriasis? We realize all too well that your condition is no laughing matter. That’s why we want to point out right away that the use of horses for the treatment of psoriasis is no joke, and has actually relieved many patients of the terrible symptoms of discomfort caused by this condition. But more about that a bit further on! First of all...

Do you want to know what the secret is?

Bear with us for a moment...

Many believe psoriasis to be a superficial ailment, but it’s actually a consequence of our immune system turning against our own body. Psoriasis cannot be cured: however, its symptoms can be controlled and suppressed to a great extent.

There is a revolutionary new, all-natural way of doing this...

Through concentrated mare’s milk.

Psoriasis is the number one autoimmune disease in the United States, with as many as 7.5 million Americans suffering from it, vastly impacting their lives not only on a physical level, but on an emotional one as well.

Many people don’t realize how mentally devastating this disease can be, with many psoriasis patients suffering from depression because they’re afraid to go out, of what other might think of them...

If you feel that you’ve tried everything already and nothing so far has been able to reduce your symptoms of psoriasis, then the Equilac capsules and their highly concentrated extract of mare’s milk might just be the natural alternative you’ve been wanting to discover.

Are you wondering what would it feel like to have no more of those itchy red patches covered in white scales?

To be able to:

  • sunbathe again without feeling self-conscious...?
  • wear short-sleeved shirts or skirts with renewed confidence in yourself and your body...?
  • put on your bathing suit and go swimming again…?

The only intelligent way of battling psoriasis is from the inside out

Many people suffering from psoriasis actually have the wrong approach towards keeping the disease at bay: for years and years, they use the same prescribed cortisone ointments. Sure, they work at first...

But the longer they are used, the more tolerant you get to them. Before you know it, you’re using way too much, to the point where it’s no longer healthy. In the long run, too much cortisone will actually damage the skin by making it thinner, further weaken your immune system, and even cause liver and kidney damage.

Think about it...

Why would you use a topical balm to treat a disease that originates from under your skin?

Why not fight it from the inside out?

...and think of creams only as an extra line of support to find quick, short-term relief?

Equilac capsules are based almost entirely on concentrated mare’s milk, which is high on the anti-inflammatory protein lactoferrin.

Lactoferrin is the main ingredient in mother’s milk, as well. We’ve all heard that mother’s milk is much better for a newborn child than regular milk, right?

But do you know why?

It’s because lactoferrin has a high concentration of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Its main function is to help babies fight infection during the most fragile period of their lives. Lactoferrin also has been proven to be beneficial for the treatment of inflammatory skin disorders and autoimmune diseases.

Besides mother’s milk, the only product with such high concentrations of lactoferrin is mare’s milk!

Both the Equilac capsules - for long term treatment - and the supportive body cream - for short term relief - contain all-natural products. No harmful substances like cortisone!

Just when you think you’ve tried everything... There might still be hope!

European consumers rave about Equilac’s performance

Using only the finest and most carefully selected European mare’s milk, Equilac has brought relief to thousands of people in Europe for over a decade. Finally, the highly concentrated mare’s milk capsules are available to US residents, as well!

Now, an IMPORTANT note...!

Equilac is not a drug and we do not wish to depict it as such! Think of it as a completely safe, all-natural food supplement that does not cause any negative side effects.

For some of our customers, Equilac has produced some truly miraculous results! One story that particularly stands out, is Tony’s. His fiancée had been suffering from psoriasis for a very long time...

I am writing to thank you for the amazing and wonderful change in my fiancée's condition after taking Equilac. She was suffering from a very severe form of psoriasis (please see attached photos) until I stumbled across Equilac on the Internet.

I had previously spent a lot of time researching all the possible treatments for her condition and we had tried all the medicines prescribed by her doctor, all to no avail. I contacted all the help forums on the Internet and none of them mentioned Equilac as a possible treatment for her condition: it was only by chance that I learnt of your product.

I have since recommended Equilac to other people that have had a life-long problem with psoriasis and they have had the same amazing results.

Tony has since proposed to come over and meet the Equilac team, so he could thank them all in person! This amazing story once again demonstrates the profound impact that psoriasis can have on a couple’s everyday life.

Why you have nothing to lose besides your psoriasis discomforts

Because Equilac has already helped so many psoriasis patients in the past, and because we are so confident in our product, we always offer a 90-day money back guarantee to all of our clients that don’t experience any progress after trying our unique combination of highly concentrated mare’s milk capsules and supportive body cream.

Besides your itchiness and suffering... What have you got to lose? Discover firsthand what Equilac can do for you! Let your skin sigh a breath of relief!

Let’s sum up why Equilac is the better choice:

  • Fights psoriasis from the inside out
  • Absolutely NO harmful substances like cortisone
  • No drug, only natural ingredients
  • Mare’s milk with anti-inflammatory traits
  • Big success in Europe for over a decade
  • Prices start at $ 1.33 per day!
  • 90-day non satisfactory guarantee
  • Nothing to lose, only to gain!
  • Feel confident about your body again with Equilac!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long can I use Equilac? How long do I have to keep using it?

One cannot expect long term success from a short term intake - this is true for just about any product. Therefore, we advise our customers to use Equilac for at least three consecutive months.

Once you feel that your condition is sufficiently stabilized, you can cut back to one capsule per day as a preventive measure. You can use Equilac for as long as you like: in fact, many of our satisfied customers continue to use it once their condition has stabilized.

When will I notice the first results?

While the answer to this question is different for everyone, the average time span in which you will start noticing the first results, is 2 to 6 weeks.

A small percentage of people might experience a deterioration of their symptoms during the first few weeks. This is absolutely normal, and proof that your body is responding to change. It’s important that you persevere: your symptoms will soon subside.

Does Equilac work for everyone?

Although we have a high success rate, we cannot ensure that Equilac will work for everyone, because every individual is different. But that’s why we have our 90-day money back guarantee, which allows you to try out Equilac without any risk and see if it works for you!

How should I use Equilac? Are my children allowed to take it?

Equilac is a natural supplement and is suited for children upwards from the age of 4. Children between 4 and 12 should only be given a single capsule per day, as opposed to the adult dose of 2 capsules per day.

I’m on a certain type of medication. Am I allowed to take Equilac?

Yes! Equilac is a food supplement, with nothing but concentrated mare’s milk (600mg per capsule) which will not affect the functioning of your medication in any way. You can continue to take your medication as you normally would, along with Equilac.

Are there any side effects to taking Equilac?

You should not use Equilac if you are lactose intolerant, are pregnant, or are allergic to horses. Diabetics should be aware that Equilac contains a small amount of lactose (milk sugar).

A small percentage of people might experience a deterioration of their symptoms during the first few weeks. This is absolutely normal, and proof that your body is responding to change. It’s important that you persevere: your symptoms will soon subside.

How much does an Equilac treatment cost?

Nature sometimes needs its time. Therefore, we advise our customers to use Equilac for at least three consecutive months. Prices start at $120 for a three-month supply of Equilac capsules. That’s only $1.33 per day, with a money back guarantee! Ask yourself how much the suppressing of your symptoms is worth to you.

Do I need to use a lotion or cream while using Equilac?

The Equilac capsules work slowly and produce long term results. Because we understand the need for instant relief of discomforts, we have developed a special Equilac body cream as a means to support the capsule treatment. The Equilac body cream contains naturally soothing ingredients only. Absolutely no cortisone or other potentially harmful substances whatsoever! You can use the cream at any time you start to feel itchiness or discomfort.

How is the mare’s milk obtained? Is the process animal-friendly?

The process of obtaining mare’s milk is completely animal-friendly. It does not compromise the bond between the mare and her foal and causes no discomfort to either of them.

In order to ensure the health of her newborn foal, the mother mare won’t be milked for at least six weeks after giving birth. Once the foal is old enough to be separated from its mother for short periods of time, the milking process can start.

During the milking phase, the foal and the mare are always in close proximity and able to see, hear and smell each other. The mare is mechanically milked three times and then she is reunited with her foal. This process repeats itself until the foal is about 7 or 8 months old and the mare stops producing milk. Because of the milking process, the foal will actually grow up to be a stronger, healthier and more independent horse.

All of the mare’s milk in Equilac products is produced by Belgian milking farms and officially approved according to strict guidelines, set by the Belgian Federal Public Service for Health, Food chain safety and Environment. This ensures maximum quality and complete traceability of the milk, as well as full compliance with the GHP (Good Hygiene Practices) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) legislations.

I want to order, but which Equilac product is right for me?

Equilac is sold in three different packages, individually adjusted to fit the personal needs of all types of psoriarsis sufferers:

The first is our Intro Package, containing a total of 180 capsules to be used over a period of 90 days. It is perfectly suited for those who are already on prescribed drugs and/or in possession of a body cream that they feel comfortable with, and who are looking for additional psoriasis support.

The second is our Standard Package, which contains the 180 capsules and one tube of Equilac Sensitive Body Cream (8.45 fl. oz.). This is our most popular package and combines the best of mare’s milk in its most efficient forms. It is ideal for those aiming for optimal results.

The third is our Deluxe Package, which contains the 180 capsules and three tubes of Equilac Sensitive Body Cream (3x 8.45 fl. oz.). This package is especially popular among our returning customers who have already experienced the wonders of mare’s milk and want to continue using it for psoriasis relief.

Remember, you are entitled to a 90-day non-satisfactory guarantee, although we are confident that you will not need it!

The package that fits you can be on its way to you in 24 hours. Make your choice below!

Intro Package

$ 120.00
You save $ 15.00

Standard Package

$ 150.00
You save $ 20.00

Deluxe Package

$ 195.00
You save $ 45.00
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